Making of

A peak behind the scenes of how Inspector Reaxt came along for the Massive GTS loudspeaker series.

When asked to make a short promotion film for Massive Audio's new GTS speaker series, the MI3D creative team wanted to break away from the classic product presentation and came up with the creation of Inspector Massive, a rather original mascot whose specific design represents the eyes and ears for detail of Massive Audio.

The Mi3D creative team used pencil, paper, eraser, Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, DaVince Resolve, Unreal Engine and their human brain for the concept, creation, character & environment design, storyboarding, modelling, rigging, texturing, shading, lighting, animation, editing, compositing, grading and finishing; to which Zoo Music Production's ThP added his music and sound ideas, resulting into the nice little film you can see here above. Smiles.

Product: Massive GTS Series
Title: Inspector Massive
Client: Massive Audio
Mi3D Director: PvH - Patrick Van Hautem
Mi3D Storyboard: Bruno Delussu
Mi3D Project leader from concept drawings to final film: Sylvain Delaine
Music & sound design: ThP - Thierry Plas - Zoo Music Productions